Toros Marine



•Steel Plate – Aluminium – Stainless Steel Renewal

•Equipment Foundation Repair

•Accomodation Ladders – Australian Ladders – Gangways Repair

•Angle Bars – Flat Bars – Round Bars Repair

•Cell Guide Renewal & Repair

•Steel Doors & Hatches & Louvers Renewal & Repair

•Fender Renewal & Repair


•Steel Pipes

•Aluminium Pipes

•Cunife Pipes

•Hydraulic & Pneumatic System Pipes

•Stainless Steel Pipes

•Superdublex Pipes

•SMO Pipes

•GRE Pipes

Surface Preperation & Coatıng Application

•Ballast Tanks Blasting & Painting

•Cargo Hold – Cargo Tanks Blasting & Painting

•Main Deck – Accomodation Area – Funnel Construction Blasting & Painting

•Up to 2000 Bar Hydroblasting Metalizing

Cleanıng & Stagıng Works

•Tank cleaning

•Cargo holds cleaning

•Chemical cleaning

•Up to 1000Bar High pressure water jet cleaning


Insulatıon & Panel Works

•A0 to A60 Insulation & Panel & Acc. Doors Renewal

•Rockwool Pipe Insulation & Galvanized Sheet / Pillow Manufacturing

•Fiber Glass Coating

•Ventilation Channels Repair & Renewal

Electrıcal Works

•Electrical Motor Overhauling & Balancing & Rewinding

•Main & Emergency Switchboard Cleaning

•Circuit Breaker Overhauling & Testing

•Cabling & Cable Trays Installation & repair

•Alarm Systems

Valve works

•Overboard Valves Overhauling & Renewal

•Intermediate Valves Overhauling & Renewal

•Exhaust Gas Damper Overhauling & Renewal

•Hydraulic & Pneumatic & Electrical Actuated Valves Overhauling

•Safety Valves Overhauling & Testing

•PV Valves Overhauling and Testing

Machınery Works

Cylinder Head And Mountings

•Fuel Pumps

•Exhaust Valves

•Cooling Jackets

•Main & Crosshead & Crankpin & Thrust Bearings

•M/E Camshaft & Timing Check

•M/E Pneumatic Manouvering System Maintanance

•Governors Overhauling

•Turbocharger Overhauling & Rotor Balancing

Mechanical Works

•Mooring Winches & Windlass Overhauling

•Brake Lining Renewal & Hold Capacity Testing & Certification

•Hydraulic Piston Maintenance

•Crane Overhauling & Load Tests

•Pumps (Framo, Cargo , Ballast  etc.) Overhauling

•M/E & Aux. Engines Coolers & Heaters Overhauling and Pressure Testing

•Cleaning Of Aux.Boilers&Exhaust Gas Economizer

•IG & Draft & E/R Fans Balancing

Non-Destructive Tests

•Vacuum, Air, Hydrostatic Pressure Tests

•Visual Inspection

•Dye Penentrant Test

•Magnetic Partical Inspection Test

•Ultrasonic Test

•Radiographic Test

•Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

•Ultrasonic Tightness & Hose Tests of Hatch Covers

•Noise Measurement Test

SAFETY & tests

•Life boat and davit 5 years annual service and load test

•Rescue boat and davit 5 years annual service and load test

•Cargo, E/R, Provision, etc. Cranes load tests

•Maintenance of CO2 bottles

•Fire Fighting Foam Analysis

•Gas Detector Calibrations

•Filling & suppling of fire extinguishers

•Smoke detection systems